About us

WP Moving & Logistics understands the unique logistical challenges that come with relocating a home or business. Organizing, packing, and transportation are only a few of the difficulties involved with a move. With decades of experience, we anticipate every step along the way and work tirelessly to make your move smooth and seamless.

Organizing success

Our team is responsible for providing you unparalleled service from start to finish. Our personal moving coordinators have been industry professionals for decades. With that level of experience, we know to ask the questions you might not have even considered.

Premier moving service

Your valuables are just that – valuable. At WP, we get this!

WP Moving & Logistics will handle your property with the care and protection you expect, as well as the organization and efficiency you need when moving. 

We will take care of everything. 

unique solutions

Our team excels at recognizing the special needs of each move and providing unique solutions. Valuable collections, art, wine, even vehicles all require individual handling. We have years of experience in managing these specialties.


Tell us about your move, or give us a call.